Saturday, February 3, 2018


I filed my taxes yesterday!  It was really simple as I always use H & R Block online so it is basically fill in the blanks and the program does all of the calculations.  I noticed that the IRS website links to several free tax filing software programs but if you have any sort of unusual income (business income, gambling income, etc) then you will probably be converted over to the not free software (our filing cost $25).  It looked like if you only have W2 income from a regular job or retirement income (pension, social security) and don't itemize deductions the filing will be free.  The standard deduction looks like it increased this year ($12,700 for married filing jointly)...other than that I know very little about tax filing except to stay on top of recording expenses as you go along instead of trying to sort them out at the end of the year.  And one other thing I noticed that was rather annoying was between the screen that figures out your tax return and the screen where you hit submit tax return to the IRS there were several screens of advertising for additional products ('get your refund on an Amazon gift card and get an extra $10!' and crap like that which could be pretty confusing to some people).  I just hit no-no-no through the screens until I could finally submit my return.

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