Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Secret

I watched the movie 'The Secret' on Netflix last night.  I saw it many years ago when it first came out but didn't really remember much of it.  The movie was so inspiring!  And while I read some of the reviews which thoroughly trashed the movie (while other reviews raved about it), I don't get the problem people have with the movie.  The premise is that positive thinking and living with intent will bring you happiness and success.  There really isn't anything to lose by trying it and oddly enough, at the end of the movie, it said "tomorrow try something small like thinking about a parking space being open just where you need it" so this morning, not really thinking much of it, I thought about a parking space being open close to the casino where we went for breakfast this morning.  This never happens as it is a busy place but wouldn't you know it, there was an open parking space right by the door!  Random coincidence or not?  My next thoughts will be on getting my remaining credit card paid off much faster than I think possible. 

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  1. I own this book and love it- but did not like her latest book at all- was nothing like the first one.