Sunday, February 25, 2018

Today's Free Fun...Walking!

It was time to get out and get some exercise today and there was no excuse for not doing so as the weather was perfect today, so off I went for a 10k volksmarch (volksmarching is an international walking club and I am a member of the Las Vegas chapter.  You can do group walks with the club or walk on your own along pre-set routes which I did today).  Best of all it was free (kind of--I buy a bunch of discounted walk coupons at the beginning of the year so I can earn "credits" through the national organization).


  1. Oh My gosh! I have spent practically half the day skimming through your blog! I love it! I am way older than you, also Autistic. I know that you mentioned that in one of your posts in your early years, but I had already suspected it. Those of us who are Autistic and still get by tend to "live by the list." I keep lists everywhere, and tuck extra in different hiding places in case I lose my original list. I also am retired [well, I am old] and my husband is as well. Unlike you, I married a younger man. unfortunately, he was recently diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimers, but so far he is doing okay. We too love to travel, especially to cruise.
    I didn't read it yet [my intention is to read all of your posts] but I noticed that you recently wrote about the book "The Secret." Ironically, that is how we cruise.We keep gettting free cruises! Bobby[life partner] lost all of his money a few years back. He owned his own business, and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer [in remission] he took over the bookkeeping part of the business [chemo does a number on your ability to think] Looking back, that is about when he started having problems with thinking clearly. While undergoing treatment g=for cancer, some terrible things happened, and I had a total breakdown [ my life was almost one long 5 year melt-down] During this time, his employees, who include his sons, embezzled all of the money. He is still in deep with the IRS, but I was able to keep a bit [ my father, long passed, told me to always keep money apart from his because he knew that Bobbys' family would wind up with it all] and I am living in my little piece of paradise. I have chickens, live in the mountains, and am fixing the fence and shed for 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats.
    Okay, sorry I just rambled on, telling you all sorts of personal stuff. I felt comfortable doing so, for one, because after reading so many years of your posts, I feel as though I know you. Also, because I am Autistic, and, well,as you already know, that is something we do. I need to go now, but I hope you respond.

    1. Do you have a blog? If so can you link to it here? Your life sounds so fascinating! I am glad you are in remission and hope your hubby is doing OK as well.