Tuesday, March 6, 2018

10 Random Things for This Week

In no particular order...

  1. Turn your clocks forward Sunday morning (if you are in most of the US, it's the beginning of daylight savings time).
  2. You have about five and a half weeks until taxes are due (again, in the US).  I know a couple of people who always wait until April 13 to start on their taxes and it is a big panic for them...every. single. year.  If you have already filed you can check your refund status here.
  3. Allergy season is starting early this year!  Hubby and I are both wheezy and coughy for no apparent reason then I checked an allergy alert website and all of the allergens in our area are "high" already.  eeekkkkk
  4. There is a lot of head shaving going on in Las Vegas this month.  I don't know much about St Baldrick's (it's a cancer fundraiser organization) and I'm not sure if it corresponds somehow with St Patrick's Day, but there have been several head shaving fundraisers around the city this month so far.  Interesting...
  5. A cautionary tale about going into debt to become a social media star.
  6. And a cautionary tale about HOAs.  We live in an HOA as does most of Las Vegas, something I had barely heard of when we lived in Seattle.  Apparently a big lawsuit can be a huge financial disaster for people living in an HOA which I hadn't event considered.  Double eeekkk.
  7. In Uber news: Uber and Lyft drivers often make below minimum wage (bummer), Uber trucks are now driving themselves across Arizona (yikes!), and Uber consistently loses money...to the tune of billions of dollars (how is that possible?).
  8. There is snow everywhere this week (examples here, here, and here).  I am immensely happy that is it 65 degrees and sunny here in Las Vegas this week.
  9. In financial news, 42% of Americans are in danger of retiring broke. Uh oh.
  10. And something to make you say "OMG"!


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