Friday, March 16, 2018

Daily Blogging Challenge Fail

I missed blogging yesterday because I was so tired I could barely see straight (a hospital is the LAST place to get a good night's rest!).  But I will pick it up again and hope to compete the year with a blog post every day.

On a happy note, hubby is home and with a repaired heart and he is feeling great (from death's door to up and about and feeling great in four days is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!!).  I'm hoping to switch us to a completely whole food, plant-based diet and so far so good (I made black bean tacos with guac when we got home today).  The hospital and staff were great but my only rant with them is that the cardiologist, the nutritionist, and the hospital cafeteria don't seem to believe in vegan meals.  Each meal was lower salt and lower fat but the amount of meat and dairy in each meal was horrendous IMHO.

On a side note, we didn't get a bill for his hospital stay and procedures (at the military hospital all of this is free) but I looked up the average cost of his procedure and one website said "The price for an angioplasty ranged from $44,000 to $144,922" in California hospitals.  Holy cow!  I think exercising and eating the healthiest food you can is way more affordable than one procedure to fix a lifestyle disease.


  1. Great progress! And so glad you are not paying out of pocket!

  2. Thanks! One of these days our health care situation will catch up with Canada--I hope!