Sunday, March 18, 2018

Going Vegan

After hubby's recent heart attack, we have gone pretty much vegan.  I've tried to be whole-food-plant-based vegan before but it was really hard when hubby and all of our friends would want to go out to eat or cook meals for get togethers that were mostly meat and rice (ie: Filipino food).  Now that hubby has had a brush with death, however, he is fully on the vegan train with me and it has been working out really well for the past few days.

Basically I have been finding simple, tasty vegan/plant-based recipes online that are similar enough to what he is used to eating so the food isn't too weird.  It is wonderful to have the internet and a whole world of online vegans at my fingertips who share information and recipes and often success stories about how eating this new way has changed their life.  We are also fortunate in this day and age that nutritious, vegan food can be found at most grocery stores.  Best of all, it seems like buying plants/whole grains/spices is much less expensive than our usual grocery store purchases of meat and dairy and processed food!

Most importantly so far, we have seen hubby's blood sugar and blood pressure fall from what it is normally (normally being really high even with medication).  According to many of the success stories of whole-food-plant-based vegans, it is possible to get completely off of medications for high cholesterol, high blood pressure. and diabetes (examples here, here, and here) which would be absolutely amazing!


  1. Good luck! At our house we are "vegetarians at home" but eat meat sometimes when we are out. Haven't made the leap to vegan but we do have vegan dishes probably half the time.

    1. I read all of your posts (sorry don't comment much) and I love how exacting your are with tracking your expenses, judging by your posts like this one I was guessing your are vegetarian-ish which, even with Canadian prices it seems a more healthy and frugal way to eat.