Friday, March 2, 2018

The Birthday List

My birthday is coming up next month and while I am not so thrilled about growing older--who is?--there is one part of having a birthday that frugal me enjoys and that is birthday freebies.  As I was perusing one of my news feeds today, this article came up and it was a good reminder that it is time to make sure I am signed up to as many birthday freebies as possible. 

About a week before my birthday, my email inbox becomes flooded with freebie offers and coupons from the many places that offer these just for giving them your email address.  Of course we don't hit up all of the freebies (a dozen restaurants offering everything from milkshakes to donuts to other junk food is a nice thought but not something you would want to eat all in one day) but it is a fun way to celebrate frugally by picking up a free treat here and there.

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