Monday, April 30, 2018

A Word on Bartering

I haven't bartered for anything in years.  My grandfather was a real horse trader years and years ago so I'm pretty sure that's where I learned to trade things I had for things I wanted.  We would trade farm produce when my grandparents had a huge farm years ago.  And with the hubby we used to trade stuff from our bowling pro shop for everything from construction supplies and labor to work on our cars.  Overall bartering is a great way to get what you want while someone else gets what they want.

If you haven't heard the Red Paperclip story, check it out here.  This guy started with a red paperclip and end up trading his way to a house!  His current website can be found here.  If you are interested in trying bartering, check out these resources here, here, and here.


  1. I love to barter! I traded a dozen of my hen's eggs for a chair at a yard sale. Those eggs got me so many things. That is not all I have bartered. Daddy was a great barterer, too. So, that is where I probably got the skill.