Friday, April 27, 2018

So Many Subscriptions

While looking at our budget, I realized we have accumulated quite a few subscription and auto-renew bills.  So I went through them and decided what to do with each one...

  • We have a Costco card which costs $60 per year and will be up for renewal soon.  We actually don't really shop at Costco very often, maybe three or four times a year, so will probably not renew the card but just ask the SIL to get us gift cards which will allow us to go in and shop at Costco the few times each year we need things.
  • My annual web hosting service fee is coming up but at $190 a year it is a bargain as it allows me to host as many websites as I want to, some of which I charge a monthly fee to my clients for so that's a definite keeper.
  • We have a Netflix subscription for which we pay $10.99 a month but I saw on an advertisement that if you have T Mobile you can get a free Netflix subscription so I am going to give them a call this week and see how that works.  If we qualify I will just cancel our current subscription and get the freebie subscription.
  • Some of our bills we pay annually or semi-annually.  There is no changing the cost of our HOA or sewer bill but we do get a small discount if we pay these semi-annually/annually.
  • We also pay our car insurance and home insurance semi-annually (car) and annually (house) but before I pay these bills I usually call around and see if there are any better deals to be hand with other insurance companies.
  • Amazon Prime service.  Since they just announced they are raising their Prime price to $119 a year I will be cancelling the service on our annual renewal date.  I like the free shipping around Christmas time but we don't use $120 worth of free shipping during the entire year.  Hubby likes watching movies on Prime but between Netflix and HBO I think he will survive without Prime movies.  You can also get Amazon Prime by the month so if I think we will spend more than $12.99 on shipping during a month leading up to Christmas we will just subscribe for the month.

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