Sunday, May 6, 2018

10 Things This Weekend

It's a pretty quiet and chill weekend around here...

  1. Last night we went to our friend's 70th birthday party at a fancy restaurant.  The food was great, the place was expensive (around $100 per person), and her son must have spent a fortune because there were about 30 people there, but everyone had a great time and my friend was really really surprised when she arrived and saw everyone!
  2. I'm watching the A-Team movie this afternoon.  I'd never seen it before even though it came out in 2010 but I am a fan of the old A Team TV series so it is a nice way to spend the afternoon.
  3. It's supposed to be 100 degrees today...summer is definitely on its way!
  4. Hubby is playing a poker tournament today, first place is a couple thousand dollars.  I hope he wins!
  5. We got a letter from hubby's son in the Philippines asking us to bring our grandson to the US for his college education in a couple years.  We have paid for his private school in the Philippines since he was in kindergarten but the expense is not very much (around $1000 per year).  Tuition for international students at our local university is more than $20,000 a year (!!) so unless we hit the lottery that probably won't happen.
  6. Today I learned there was such thing as Ruck Clubs in the US.  One of our walking clubs (mostly elderly folks) ran into this group on their weekend walk and invited them to join our walking club--it might be a bit tame for them though :)
  7. I need to hop back on the vegan train.  Our healthy diet has been lapsing the last few days with the party last night and a buffet a few days ago so it's back to vegan we go.
  8. The Kentucky Derby was a fun watch yesterday.  Hundreds of people packed the local race book to watch the race, it made for a very festive atmosphere.
  9. Talk about wayback machine--here is the front page of the Amazon website back in 1995.
  10. Apparently self driving cars have hit the Las Vegas Strip...eeekkk.

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