Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day

Usually I say "happy whatever holiday it is" but Memorial Day really isn't a happy holiday.  So I hope you are having an interesting holiday.  We went to our usual free buffet for military members at the Southpoint Casino and it was pretty good.  Even though the line was really long to get into the buffet and we waited about an hour, it is a very cool experience because many of the military members are wearing hats that show when and where they served and those are automatic conversation starters.  The wait didn't seem very long because a lot of people were talking about where they served, where they went to boot camp, and when they got in.  The oldest vets are from WW2 but I didn't see any this year, there were a few wearing Korean War hats and quite a few Vietnam Vets.  I love how many of the businesses in Las Vegas cater to vets year round but this was an extra nice treat from the Southpoint.

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