Friday, May 25, 2018

Time to Sell Our House?

We have been debating whether or not to sell our house and move for ages.  Now looks like a great time to sell since the value of our house has more than doubled since we bought it.  Or should we wait and hope the price will increase even more?  What if we wait too long and the housing bubble bursts and the value of our house drops like a rock (this happened in Las Vegas back in 2008)?  What if we sell our house but can't find another house to buy?  Many houses here are getting a stack of offers the minute they hit the market so people often have to make a dozen or more offers before they can find a house to buy.  What if we move away to another state then decide we don't like it as much as we like Las Vegas and want to move back?  Believe it or not we know several people who got tired of Las Vegas, moved away, then moved back within a few years because they found that Vegas was actually a pretty good place to live comparatively.  Is it worth it to uproot ourselves again after we have made a lot of friends and become a part of the community only to have to resettle somewhere else?  Where should we move to?  This has been the biggest issue for us as we have several places in mind but no one *perfect* place.  So the debate goes on...


  1. Well - I have to comment on this because my husband and I have been debating this for the last five years and have asked ourselves all the same questions. When you are young - it doesn't matter if you screw-up - you have plenty of time for a re-do. As we get older we don't have the time or the money (nor the energy) to get it wrong - so after reviewing all the "if", "ands" and "buts" we have decided to stay where we are - in a house way too big for us - in a cold climate - but surrounded by family and friends and familiarity (our Doctors, dentists,etc.) Making that decision didn't come easy but it at least it was a decision. We have downsized by eliminating a lot of "stuff" and live simpler - hire help when we need it and make an effort to appreciate and enjoy everyday - Mary Ellen

  2. There is no perfect place to live. Anywhere you go has it's good and bad points. If you are reasonably happy where you are, my advice is to stay there. My hubby and I have this conversation all the time. I would like to "level up" to a better neighborhood, but the fact is that where we are is perfectly fine, except for one horrible neighbor who will probably never move. I know almost all my neighbors. I know a lot of area people. I know how to get everywhere. I have a sign on my fridge that reads, " Beware of Destination Addiction--a preoccupation with the idea that happiness is in the next place, the next job, and with the next partner. Until you give up on the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are." Not sure your reasons for wanting to relocate, but if it's because you think you may be happier somewhere else, you may want to think about why you feel that way. LV sure seems like a good for for you and your hubby.

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  4. Exactly the problem we have! We're on the other side of the country, Long Island, NY. Not in a great town but property taxes are lower than most and our house will be paid off in a little over a year. My husband and I are both retired and uprooting after 21 years is a difficult decision. We aren't sure where to go either!! Best of luck to you! Sue from NY