Sunday, May 20, 2018

Vegas is Rocking This Weekend

We have had a very frugal weekend, but on the other hand, we have watched a bunch of epic things happen yesterday and today.  I can't think of another time when so much stuff was happening all within 48 hours!

  • We were near the sports book yesterday so ended up watching Justify win the Preakness Stakes (we had also watched this horse win the Kentucky Derby a couple of weeks ago).  We don't bet on the races but it is exciting to watch with a big group of cheering people!
  • We were downtown this weekend so got to see a lot of people who were coming and going to the Electric Daisy Carnival--an overnight concert that draws 130,000+ people each night for three days in a row.  Oh to be young and fanciful--it looks like everyone was really psyched for the event!
  • While we were at the casino today we caught the end of the Golden Knights hockey game and they won!  The team was just formed this season in Las Vegas and they are already playing for the Stanley Cup which, apparently in sports circles, is a really really big deal.
  • We watched a repeat broadcast of the royal wedding this afternoon.  It was really sweet--Meghan and Harry look so much in love!!!
  • And now we are watching the Billboard Music Awards on TV although we could have got tickets and watched it live just across town where the event is being held.  I'm not much for events with tens of thousands of people though so watching on TV is just fine with me.

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