Tuesday, June 26, 2018

5 Things from Today

It's been a busy day off for me!

  1. I got my military ID renewed today and it only took an hour which is record time for any sort of government organization!
  2. I realized that we are still using the plastic wrap and aluminum foil that we bought nearly five years ago at Costco!
  3. At the grocery store I bought apples today and they were really cheap at 69 cents a pound.  I am wondering if they are on sale because they are from last year's harvest as I don't think this season's apples have been harvested yet.  Hmmm
  4. There will be a wake for the cousin who recently passed away so his daughter called and asked if I could do the deserts and BTW she needed them this evening.  No problem, I always have lots of cake mixes, brownie mixes, and ingredients for a few Filipino desserts on hand so it was simple to whip up several things for her which were inexpensive (buying these things already made at the store would have cost quite a bit), quick (mix and bake), and a nice gesture (she offered to pay but I told her these were our donations for the event).
  5. Finally, I just realized I only have about two and a half weeks of work left.  Yeahhhh!

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