Saturday, June 16, 2018

An Ode to Costco (AKA Don't Send Hubby Shopping Without a List)

Since I have been working, I have sent hubby on several errands during the day while I am at work, doing things that I usually do.  He did great at the bank, managed to pick up all of his prescriptions, forgot to get gas (which we did the next day on the way to work in record time), and then he went to Costco.

Costco was a bit of a problem.  When we shop together I generally have a list and I am also not much for shopping so when we enter the store we make a bee-line for the things on the list then get out as quickly as possible.  Hubby, on the other hand, likes to look at everything.  When I go out with my walking group, I can leave hubby at the 99 Cent store for two hours and he still isn't finished when I get back so imagine what happened when I sent him to Costco to pick up a couple things yesterday.

I told him we needed a few things--toilet paper (I love the Costco brand), bread (Great Grain bread is tasty and cheap there), and spices, which he could pick up on his way to the casino.  Three hours later he had managed to rack up a $150 bill, had looked at every item in the store, and bought all kinds of things "because they were so cheap".  Yikes. 

I now have 10 pounds of meatballs (I'm trying to get him to go vegan but the sample lady kept giving him meatball samples and now we have a couple huge bags of them :/  ), several random bottles of sauces and condiments (the avocado salsa is actually pretty good), and a giant jar of M & Ms (he knows I like M & Ms and it was nice of him to bring me a treat but I don't need pounds and pounds of them!). 

Needless to say I will have him do the non-shopping related errands and leave the shopping stuff to my days off so I can follow him around the store saying "we don't need that!"  On the other hand, I know how easy it is to find things to buy at Costco, and things are pretty cheap comparatively, and the samples do ratchet up the tempting-ness of buying food there...maybe we should just stick to online buying...


  1. It's contagious. Among quite a few men! My husband is the exact same way.

  2. Oh I know the habits of rogue shoppers well. A list doesn't help.m my husband.The goodvm deals jump into the cart.

  3. Well, look at it this way - all those meatballs in the freezer means he can whip up dinner while you're at work, no excuses ;-)