Sunday, June 24, 2018

Another Post on Health

It's been a pretty wild week around here, most of the drama having to do with health.  So my message today is to TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH.  Not only will this save a lot of money (especially for those in the US where one minor medical  problem can bankrupt you) but it will also save so much sadness and drama and suffering.

Here's the update: the relative who had open heart surgery was sent to a rehab facility where he very nearly died (sounds like from neglectful care) and is back in the ER as I type this.  This is the same relative who I chatted with right after hubby's heart attack and he told me he had similar issues (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol) and got tired of his doctor ranting at him so he solved the problem by just not going back to the doctor.  Turns out he probably should have been listening to his doctor.  When my sister just went to visit him she said he was so broken down she barely recognized him(!).  Sad.  The other relative who died and then was resuscitated told his family he would be dead by the next day.  Incredibly enough he was.  ER staff will tell you that when a patient tells them they will die soon they are quite often right.  Sadly this relative had a litany of health problems and suffered from them FOR YEARS.

The thing to do: exercise every single day (I know an 85 year old guy who can run circles around people half his age--literally.  He exercises every single day for a couple hours and his health is still excellent).  Eat well (I am a big fan of the whole food plant based diet).  Manage stress (yoga? meditation? deep breathing?  Whatever works for you).  Track and manage your health markers (weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels, etc).

My wish for you is health and happiness and good health goes a long way towards long-term happiness!

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