Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cooking in Bulk

I'm in week two of my six week job and one thing that has really helped is cooking in bulk on my days off.  I make breakfast before we leave and also make hubby lunch to take with him (we get a free buffet lunch at work so my mid-day meal is taken care of), then come home and cook dinner. 

Needless to say, I am not much in the mood to cook in the early morning and am not so enthusiastic about cooking when I get home after a long day either.  So, when I last made waffles I made a big stack and froze them which makes a quick breakfast, ditto pancakes.  Oatmeal is pretty quick to cook, and I boiled a bunch of potatoes which also makes a good, quick breakfast.  I made a big pot of chili and froze most of it which has made a quick, hearty dinner this week, ditto making baked falafel which can be thrown together to make a simple gyros for dinner.  I also make a giant salad at the beginning of the week and that provides salad a couple days a week, it can also be used to make tacos, and the above mentioned gyros.  I love ther versatility of multi-purpose food!

If you find your work week super busy, I highly recommend prepping food ahead of time, pre-planning meals, and cooking extra to put in the freezer which all help you pull together quick, healthy meals when you are pressed for time.


  1. I cooked enough breakfast for four days, scrambled eggs, and put it in Tupperware bowls. It only needed 30 secs to get it not cold. I made soup every Sunday and put it in 5 Tupperware bowls for work. I took two sandwiches with me. One was for the hour long drive to work. The other was for lunch. I made the same soup each week--vegetable and ground beef. The sandwiches were always turkey, MW, on whole wheat. I never got bored and lost 30 pounds in three months. I ate fruit all day long, carrying an apple, banana, and grapes or another fruit. There was only me and no one to feed. That was my Sunday. Saturday was grocery shopping and laundry.

    1. I never thought of cooking eggs ahead of time--I'll have to give that a try!

    2. I don't try to get my eggs tastefully warm in the microwave. I just take the chill off. If I reheat in the microwave, about 30 sec is almost too much since I hate a leathery scrambled egg. I was always in a hurry, so I gulped these to keep me steady all morning, along with a glass of milk. The turkey sandwich in the car was my breakfast.