Monday, June 4, 2018

The End-Of-The-Week Wrap Up

It's officially my "weekend" from my temporary's an update...

  • I survived my first week at work and it was really fun and really busy (which makes the time go by really fast).  Plus my money was really accurate--no overages or shortages which wasa minor miracle!
  • My cousin bailed her son our of jail today, spent $7500 doing it (which she won't see again as the bail bonds person keeps that entire amount with no refund), and she put her house up for the entire amount of bail ($75k).  If her kid skips she will be screwed.  smh
  • Hubby and I did a date day today which included a buffet (we had a two-for-one coupon so two lunch buffets were $10 total), played bingo (we didn't win but the lady on our table won $6700!), and went to the movie (we saw Overboard which was OK but the price for us seniors...ugh yes I qualify...was only $4 each).
  • It's HOT here--107 degrees according to the news.  eekkkkk
  • Our Vegas Golden Knights hockey team is playing for the Stanley Cup, it's currently the second third, and the opposing team is leading 4-0.  Bummer.


  1. Glad your first week on the job went well! It's hot here too, in the 90s with a thousand percent humidity. Pretty uncomfortable. Too early for this.

    1. LOL we encountered 1000% humidity in New could practically cut the air with a knife! Stay cool this summer!