Saturday, July 14, 2018

10 Free Entertainments This Weekend

One of the things we love about Las Vegas (yes, I still want to move but hubby really really wants to stay here) is that there is free entertainment everyday here.  This weekend is particularly busy...

  1. There are Elvises (Elvii?) everywhere as the National Elvis Festival is being held here this weekend.
  2. The FIFA World Cup will be tomorrow morning and it will be showing in every sportsbook as well as on TV and probably every bar in town.
  3. Ditto Wimbledon tennis finals.
  4. The BMX Nationals are in Vegas this weekend and it is free to watch (we may go tomorrow).
  5. There was a free concert on Fremont this evening (The Cult).  We watched other bands (see above) but didn't stay long enough to watch the Cult.
  6. People are actually storm watching tonight as there is a huge thunder and lightening storm going on as I type this.
  7. The World Series of Poker is wrapping up this evening.  We've watched the finals several times so didn't go today but someone is going to win $8.8 million dollars which is pretty exciting to watch (and it's free for spectators).
  8. There is a summer concert series every weekend in neighboring Henderson (I'm guessing they wrapped up early this weekend with the storm going since it is an outdoor concert).
  9. There is people watching everywhere if that is your thing (and so many different people to watch--from the rich and beautiful on The Strip to the weird and mostly naked on Fremont).
  10. We were at the Fremont today and I watched a wedding take place.  This sort of thing happens randomly here all the time!

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