Thursday, July 5, 2018

10 Random Things

In no particular order...

  1. Only three more days of work left.  I'm going to miss the great group of people I work with!
  2. I'm looking forward to watching the new movie "Eating You Alive."
  3. I'm also looking forward to eating healthier than I have been (we are given free food 24/7 at work but it isn't all that healthy).
  4. I really want to get back to walking 10ks but it is so hot outside.  I may need to use the treadmill for a couple of months until the weather cools down a bit.
  5. Las Vegas news is just weird.  In today's news...a UFC fighter takes down an unruly customer, thieves steal a cop's radar gun, and a Strip headliner is being investigated for fraud.  Just another day in Vegas...
  6. Amazon Prime Day is coming up.  Here is a warning that all of the "great deals" may not be so great.
  7. The fireworks last night did not disappoint.  Our neighbors must have spent a fortune on the professional-grade fireworks they shot off for hours last night.
  8. I asked my co workers why they are working the extra job this summer (most are also working full time at other casinos and a few are teachers on summer break) and most are using the extra money they earn for a vacation this summer (one is going to Ireland, one to the Philippines, one around the US), one is paying for her upcoming wedding with the extra money, one is paying off a debt, and a couple took the job as a stepping stone to a full time job with the same casino group that runs the tournament.
  9. Things that I make ahead and heat up quickly for our meals while I am working: pancakes, waffles, oatmeal (easy to reheat), bacon (hubby likes BLTs), potatoes (good for breakfast, also makes a quick potato salad).  I also make a big salad (use in wraps, tacos, etc), and a pot of rice for quick meals.
  10. I came across this interesting story about a guy who gave up driving and now walks or rides his bike everywhere.  I would love to do this!

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