Tuesday, July 3, 2018

10 Ways I Save Money on Tech Stuff

Some random things I do that save me a lot of money on tech stuff:

  1. I buy my internet domain names at NameCheap so they are only $10 per year (other places charge much more).
  2. I host my websites through In Motion; with their bulk hosting plan I can host as many sites as I want for $200 a year.
  3. I have had TMobile forever for my cell service and I often check to see what their latest plans are (we got in on one of their plans a while back which gives us three lines--one for me, one for hubby, one for one of the kids--with unlimited everything for $100 total).
  4. I buy all of my tech stuff on sale after massive amounts of research.  My favorite places to buy things are through the Best Buy's 'deal of the day', through Tech Bargains, when TMobile or Samsung has half off their cell phones specials, and sometimes at Costco when there is a good sale.
  5. I get my software via Tech Soup through a non profit I do work for.  It is highly discounted and is an excellent deal (but for non-profits only).
  6. I also make use of lots of free online software (Libre Office for hubby's computers, free online photo editors, etc).
  7. For work, when I have to organize call-in meetings, I use GoToMeeting and freeconferencecall.com.  Google Docs is also excellent for collaborative writing projects.
  8. For internet it is similar to cell phone plans; I keep an eye out for any sales or specials on internet service from our local provider (Cox), most recently they had a plan where it was cheaper to get internet and basic cable TV for a flat rate and they said the price will never change so I grabbed that deal and we are pretty happy with it!
  9. I absolutely LOVE the Kindle app on my cell/tablet/computer.  Our library is really amazing anyway but they have so many online services now that from their website I can download all kinds of free things from books to music to movies to magazines, etc.
  10. Finally, online banking has saved me a lot of hassle and effort.  I have three banks, two not even in our city, and I mostly do all of my banking online.  All of my paychecks are automatically deposited into my bank account, all checks are deposited through the app on my phone, nearly all of our bills are paid online, we can transfer money to the kids for free...I'm not sure how we all lived without online banking in the past!

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