Monday, July 9, 2018

A Splurge

We celebrated the end of my job with hubby taking me to my favorite Indian restaurant today.  I really love Indian food and I try to make some at home (with marginal results) so going to my favorite buffet (Delhi Indian Cuisine) is a big treat mostly because it is quite expensive compared to any other meal we eat out ($13ish per person for the lunch buffet).  When we eat out it is almost always free plus I always compare the price of a meal out to how much food I can buy to cook at home for the same price (another buffet in Las Vegas charges $60 per person and I just can't justify spending that much for one meal when for the same price I can buy more than a week's worth of groceries!).


  1. We don't eat out often, but most people I know do. When we do go out, we usually go to a place that's about $30 plus tip for the three of us which isn't too bad. My daughter and I usually order water to drink which keeps the tab down.

    1. We order water too, and no dessert as both of those things are usually highly marked up. Of course when we travel to the deep South I want to try every BBQ place we pass by--the food there is soooo good!