Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Car Bills

I really wish we could ditch our cars and just take Uber and public transit but, #1, public transit here is pretty awful, and #2, hubby said "no way!".

  • We just paid hubby's annual car registration.  His car is old so the annual fee is $110 but using his veteran tax exemption, we only paid $34!
  • I got an email that our bi-annual car insurance payment is due in a month.  If we pay every six months it is $650 (Vegas is one of the highest car insurance places in the nation!) but if we pay it monthly the price goes to $825.  Needless to say, we pay this every six months.  I also call a handful of car insurance companies once a year to make sure we are getting the best deal on car insurance (there can be $200-$400 difference from company to company when I last checked!).
  • Our two-year-old garage door opener just decided it didn't want to work.  We have tried everything to fix it so the next step will be calling a repair place :(  It shouldn't cost that much but I would think it would still be working since it is so new (but it is also 100+ degrees in the garage four months of the year so there's that).

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