Monday, August 6, 2018

10 Things from Today

Because I seem to think better in bullet points...

  1. Pre-menopause sucks.  It's awful and horrible and for people who think it's only hot flashes they are soooo wrong!
  2. My house is now sparkling clean.  I love it when hubby goes to play poker and I stay home and scrub the house from top to bottom; it's very satisfying.
  3. I asked for a 30% raise from one of my main freelance clients and she was very receptive.  Now I just need her Board to approve it.
  4. I can't live without a blender.  Smoothies and slushies and soups...yum!
  5. It's hard to believe kids are getting ready to go back to school here next week--it's still 110 degrees outside!
  6. If you like watching animals here are a whole bunch of cool animal webcams.
  7. My friend called today to tell me her pool was green and she couldn't see the bottom of it.  Her pool guy comes once a week but because the weather has been so hot where she lives I guess it turned green faster than usual?  So she had to call for emergency maintenance (and pay extra of course).  Since she never does any pool maintenance I told her to buy a pool test kit on Amazon (under $20) then watch some YouTube videos on how to test and correct your pool water.  Simple.  And cheaper.
  8. This is so typically Vegas.  eeekkk
  9. This was a scary story on the news today: More seniors filing for bankruptcy.  That's why it is so important to be totally debt free before you retire AND have an emergency fund AND have enough stable sources of income to cover your monthly bills.  And for the love of all that's holy do not co-sign for anyone for anything.
  10. Finally, since I am a fan of Uber, and a fan of the Amish, I will definitely seek out an "Amish Uber" if we ever vacation in this area.


  1. I don't have a blender. lol. I have an immersion blender but I never use it.

    1. I had an immersion blender once and didn't know how to use it...quite the mess ensued :)

  2. My bathroom is almost sparkly clean.There is just one thing that needs scrubbing.

    1. My least favorite room to clean but my most favorite room when it is clean!