Friday, August 17, 2018

Going Nutritarian

My diet/eating habits need a serious reset so starting tomorrow I am going to do the Nutritarian 6 week reset plan.  Created by Dr Fuhrman, his "reset plan" is designed to detox your body from poor eating while resetting your palette so you regain a taste for natural foods (instead of stuff loaded with salt, sugar, and fats).  Summer is a great time to do this because there is such a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables in season. Needless to say, I need to stock up at the produce store tomorrow (fortunately we have many 99 Cent stores here which have all sorts of product for only 99 cents!).

I'm only hoping my willpower holds up since Las Vegas has So. Much. Food.  There are thousands and thousands of restaurants here, hubby's poker comps provide free food at nearly every casino in town, and hubby likes his fancy food.  Wish me luck!


  1. After I had a heart issue in 2013(a temporary issue due to an incompetent doctor)I went on a low sodium diet for about a year. Boy, did that change how food tasted to me! We were never "table salters" but even so, most anything I order at restaurants has become un-eatable due to salt content. Even dearly loved bacon can be trying. lolz
    Good luck eating out ever again after going on that Nutritarian reset. 8-)

    1. Very true. I've done the no salt/no sugar thing before and within a few weeks any commercially produced food is overwhelmingly salty or sweet!