Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sometimes Everything Comes Up Roses

Sometimes things go wrong all day long and sometimes things go right all day long.  Today was one of those days where everything went more than right! 

First I checked my bank account, not really expecting to get the bonus from my summer job because the second to the last day I worked I royally messed up my money and got a written warning so I kind of thought I wouldn't qualify for the bonus all of the employees get if they work for the entire event (and they haven't messed up their money).  Lo and behold, the bonus had landed in my account and I was ecstatic since I really wasn't expecting it.  Nice surprise!

Then hubby took me out to my favorite Indian buffet for lunch which was really yummy.

Then we stopped by the outlet mall and on a whim we went into the Ecco store.  On rare occasions I've found great deals on Ecco shoes which usually run $100 to $200 a pair.  I love Ecco shoes as they are super cute and super comfy right out of the box but since I am really cheap/frugal, there is no way I'm going to pay full price for these very expensive shoes.  Can you believe I found a pair of shoes in my size and after the girl rang them up they had been discounted from $120 down to $14???  Color me happy!

Finally, I have been looking for a new laptop.  I had a new laptop some months ago but it wasn't nearly as fast as it should have been so I returned it.  Lately my old laptop has been glitchy and pretty slow so I have been looking everywhere for a new replacement laptop but all of the laptops with the specs I want have been around $1200 which is kind of expensive.  Today I checked out the Costco website and they have a laptop that more than meets the specs I want and was $600 on sale!

Sometimes everything comes up roses :) 


  1. I'm so happy for you, especially about the bonus! Woo! Those shoes are adorable! Love that color! And what a great bargain! :-)

  2. Those shoes are pretty! I like the price!