Saturday, September 1, 2018

A Fun Saturday Morning

Finally!  This morning our walking group went on our first group walk of the season.  It was a nice 95 degrees when we got done (even with heading out at 8am) but it was a dry heat and an improvement over the summer's 110 degree temps!  We walked the north part of the Las Vegas Strip and most of the walk was done before the tourists came out so we were able to make pretty good time.  Overall a great way to start the weekend!

If you are interested in finding a walking group near you, check out the AVA (volksmarch) organization which hosts all kinds of walks around the US.  For non-members the organized group walks are free, for members, the walks cost $3 which both supports the club and goes towards little awards you earn based on the mileage you do and the number of walks you do (one guy I know has walked 40,000 kilometers with the group over the year!).

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