Monday, September 3, 2018

Harassing the Laborers on Labor Day

I've been trying to replace my old, slow laptop for a while.  I got one new laptop which was super fast but the screen was not clear so it went back to Costco very easily a little while ago.  A week ago I saw a great deal on a Lenovo laptop at a national chain (not Best Buy) so I bought it after asking about the return policy.  I had it for about a week and the screen was great, the speed was great butand the wifi would cut out up to 20 times a day (!) and after trying to fix it multiple times I found that this is a common problem for this particular laptop.

Off I went to return it to the national chain which shall not be named and the manager refused to give me a refund.  I told him the other store told me the return policy and I was well within the parameters of their policy.  He said I could only return it if the box had never been opened so I pointed out the return policy that was on a sign at his desk where I was doing the return, pointing out that it said I needed the receipt, the original packaging, and that they would not be responsible for any of my data left on the returned device.  How could my data get on a device that was never opened?  He then said each store had different policies and I told him they didn't because they are a national chain with their return policy clearly stated on their website.

I told him to do the refund or get his regional manager on the phone since he was obviously was not in compliance with his own policy (it doesn't take much for me to go all pre-menopausal middle aged white woman on people these days) and after a bunch of other excuses he said he would make an exception and give me a refund.  I got my refund and will never, ever buy another product from that chain.  After I got home I was going to send a ranty note to the main corporate email but after Googling I found that this well known store has thousands of one star reviews for their customer service as well as difficulties getting refunds so I figured what's the use of complaining.  Oh well...

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