Thursday, September 13, 2018

The New iPhone...Now I've Seen Everything

I'm not an Apple fan.  In fact, I've never owned an iPhone.  Years ago I bought an iPod and was so disappointed with everything about it (couldn't download songs from more than one computer, proprietary everything) that I never bought another Apple product.  I'm firmly in the Android camp and happy about it and while I have a Samsung S8 Plus cell phone, I paid around $400 for it when it was on a half off sale.

Imagine my surprise to find that Apple will charge $1449 for it's newest iPhone with the most memory (note that with Android phones you just add a cheap memory card and can have as much memory as you want on it).  I just can't imagine paying as much for a cell phone as I would pay for a used car!  That's crazy!!  Anyway, that's my rant for the day...

p.s.  The son's evacuation bus finally found a place to put their people after 14 hours on the road.  At least they are safe and can stay until the buses are allowed to bring them back into the evacuation zone.  For anyone in the coastal areas on the Carolinas and Georgia, stay safe out there!

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