Thursday, September 27, 2018

When Will I Learn... be debt free???  I started this blog to get out of debt which I (we) did years ago.  We got out of debt, sold our house, traveled, then bought a house in Las Vegas and settled down again.  I started doing work for some of my former business clients and I once again had a steady income.  So I bought a new car on credit (our car was 18 years old and wasn't going to last much longer), figuring that I both have a good steady income to cover the monthly payments plus if something happened to my income I would still be young enough to get a job if necessary to pay off the debt (which is better I guess then waiting to buy a new car when I am 60 or something!).  Also after quite a few years I got a credit card that I ran up a balance on that I have been working to pay off (again, because I had a steady income so could easily afford the bill!).  Stupid stupid stupid.

Over the past couple weeks, my main client has been calling me every day in a panic because her Board of Directors has been picking apart her budget with a fine-toothed comb and it looks like both her and my positions might be eliminated!  Yikes!

Needless to say I need to quit being so lackadaisical about getting these two debts paid off.  My entire purpose in life at this point is to get my car and credit card paid off as soon as freakin possible!


  1. I hope you get those debts paid off soon. Plus, hopefully, your main client will have her job! She must be afraid right now.

  2. Eliminated? Oh no! Hopefully that won't happen. Fingers crossed for you. It is easy to slide back into debt just as it is easy to start eating cookies again after you've lost weight. Ask me how I know. Sigh.