Friday, October 12, 2018

10 Pieces of Information I Don't Need

From the news today...

  1. Advice for owning a Lamborghini.  Hubby can't even fold himself down to fit into such a car plus the more expensive the car, the more outrageous the costs to license/insure/repair it.  No thanks.
  2. Political attack ads.  I am so done with these.  When they come on the TV I change channels just to not have to watch them.  These are grown adults acting like idiots. Sheesh.
  3. Once again Facebook has been hacked.  I'm nearly done with this social media platform too.  It's too prone to hacking and other negative uses.
  4. The percentage of kids not being vaccinated is increasing.  Seriously?  People would rather their kids die of preventable disease instead of getting them very safe, very inexpensive vaccines?
  5. Witches are going to hex Kavanaugh.  Um...this is news?
  6. The new world's longest flight goes from New York to Singapore.  I can barely sit in a plane for four or five hours but 17 and a half hours?? OMG
  7. I like candy corn.  I'm kind of horrified that people deep fry it or make beer out of it.  Eeeekkk
  8. As if there isn't enough to worry about, now we have to worry about brain-eating amoebas
  9. I knew there was a reason I'm mostly vegan.  Apparently hamburger can kill you.  Yikes.
  10. A guy goes into a consulate to pick up some papers and it tortured and dismembered.  That's horrifying.  So is the response from our president.
I think I really need a media fast...

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