Wednesday, October 10, 2018

5 Quick Financial News Items

Here are five things to consider right now...

  1. The post office is asking for a record increase in stamp prices so buy a supply of Forever stamps at their current lower price now.
  2. It looks like Sears will be filing for bankruptcy soon so if you have Sears Reward Points you might want to use them ASAP.
  3. The stock market dropped 832 points today, it is reasonable to not sell off now in a fit of panic and hold.
  4. If the tight home buying market isn't enough to scare people away from buying a home, raising interest rates may.  Home interest rates just hit 5% and it's unknown if these rates will continue to rise.
  5. Students can sign up for a free six-month Amazon Prime Student deal which will then allow them to transition to a discounted Amazon Prime account.

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