Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Keeping the Guests Entertained

In order to keep our guests entertained and save money at the same time, I literally keep a list of free things to do around Las Vegas.  This way if our guests come here with nothing specific to do (some come here to attend an event or convention in which case we don't really need to entertain them) we have a ready list of things for them to do so they will see the highlights of Las Vegas and won't be bored (although oddly enough the kids and grandkids come here and seem to not want to leave our living room which is weird, I guess cyberspace is more interesting than a major tourist destination?).  Anyway, here are the top 10 free things we always make sure our guests do to see the best that Vegas has to offer:

  1. Take a photo in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign (it's a kitschy, iconic things that all tourists should do at least once).
  2. Go down to Fremont in the evening (see the overhead light show, the free bands, the weird people, the Container Park, and the shark tank at the Golden Nugget).
  3. See the Hoover Dam (there is free parking on the Arizona side and people can take a short walk across the dam or a long hike through the tunnels and up to the bypass bridge).
  4. Visit the Ethel M Chocolate Factory (free tour, free candy samples, and a really nice cactus garden to look at).
  5. Watch the Bellagio Fountain show and see the Bellagio Conservatory (both an wonderful to see and excellent photo ops).
  6. See the parks (with our free passes we take people to see Red Rock Canyon, the Valley of Fire, the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort, Spring Mountain Ranch, and Lake Mead National Park).
  7. Walk the Las Vegas Strip (there are dozens of free sights along the Strip to see including the Linq, the casinos, the Flamingo Bird Preserve, the Mirage, etc).
  8. Go to a rodeo event at the Southpoint (most weekends there is some sort of rodeo event--from cutting horses to bull riding, etc--which are both free and exciting to watch).
  9. Go see unique things that our guests are particularly interested in (free car museum, astronomy in the park, a wonderful free genealogy library, a walking club event, etc).
  10. Go to a free community event (I check several websites each week to see what kind of free,  one-time events are happening each weekend around the city, these usually include art shows, community fairs, music events, etc).

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