Sunday, October 28, 2018

Two Articles from Today

I came across these two articles today and thought "uh oh"...

  • When futurologist talk about jobs being taken over by AI and robots, people often ask what workers will do.  The answer is often that the people will build robots or fix robots or oversee the work of robots.  In this article I came across today, apparently robots are now building robots.  Yikes.
  • Another article was about "three tips to avoid running out of money in retirement".  I think the article kind of missed the mark.  One suggestion was to leave the city to find cheaper housing.  Of course if you buy at the top of the market in a city you will pay top dollar for housing but if you live in a city in a paid off house with a senior exemption on your property taxes, living in a city may end up being cheaper as it allows you to use public transportation instead of driving, provides better access to medical care, better access to cheap food, etc.  The second suggestion was to cut entertainment spending.  In a city there are a lot of free options for entertainment, the library is free, and, paying a little for entertainment (like a senior bowling league) may be worth the cost when it comes to your health because you are getting more exercise that way.  The third tip was to create a budget.  Of course having a budget is a good idea but you can budget a set amount of retirement income per month (say $3000 per month) but 20 years from now, fixed expenses may overtake the amount of your fixed income then what will you do?  I thinking having multiple sources of income (social security, pension, small gigs, a small business, investment income, etc) will be the way to go.

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