Wednesday, November 28, 2018

10 Frugal Tasks for the End of the Year

December should be pretty quiet around here which should give me plenty of time to...
  1. Check our free annual credit reports to make sure all of the info is correct.
  2. Check each of our bills and see if there is any way to reduce the cost (I may switch cell phone plans this year and I also call around each year to see if I can lower our insurance rates, internet rate, etc).
  3. Pay annual and semi annual bills at the end of the year (we pay our HOA semi annually, our car insurance semi annually, and I put aside the grandson's school tuition at the beginning of each year, etc).
  4. Fully fund my Roth IRA for the year.
  5. Review all of our important documents (ie: review our Wills and Living Wills, check expiration dates on things like driver's license/passport/etc).
  6. Deep clean the house (shampoo carpets, clean out the pantry and donate food to the food bank clean out the garage, etc).
  7. Clean up and organize all of my files and paperwork (both hard copy stuff as well as my computer files; I also have a lot of pictures I need to scan).
  8. Make any major plans for next year (hubby's 70th birthday is coming up, there are a couple of conventions I want to go to, we may go on a cruise sometime next year, etc).
  9. Update my calendar for the new year (I still use a paper calendar so I update the new calendar with birthdays and anniversaries, important meetings and events, etc).
  10. Set goals, financial goals, and a budget for the new year.

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