Monday, November 26, 2018

10 Things From Today

It's been a meh day...

  1. Our anniversary is this week so we are doing small things each day to celebrate.  Today we went to the senior matinee ($4 each!).  I seriously hate the movie-going experience these days.  Between the 20 advertisements before the movie even starts, the volume going from barely able to hear to blasting my ear drums, the (several) people around us regularly checking their cell phones, the idiot beside us who that had his nasty feet on the chair in front of us (a few inches from the guy's head in front of him), and the full-on conversations mid-movie, I think I will just stay home and watch movies from now on.
  2. My step dad is missing.  He had a heart attack several months ago, then a stroke, then was diagnosed with some sort of dementia and today my sister called and said he was missing (he left his phone behind so he can't even be tracked that way).
  3. At least the weather is still wonderful here.  We have talked about moving to New England but I don't even like drafts these days so 0 degree weather is probably out of the question.  I've grown quite fond of sunny days, every day.
  4. My city was named "Most Sinful City for 2019".  eeekkk
  5. Hubby was looking through some old computer boxes and found a laptop I had forgotten all about (!).  It was a high-end Dell XPS at the time and it still very usable (it is an i5) but it wouldn't turn on so I need to figure out how to fix it on the cheap so I can give it to one of the grandkids.
  6. We survived pre-Black Friday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday without buying anything.  Yeah!!!
  7. I'm trying to figure out what sort of project I want to do for 2019.  This year we decided not to travel so my project was to blog every single day here and on a couple of other blogs (so far so good except one day when hubby was in the hospital).  I want to do something big for next year but have no idea what that might be yet.
  8. Hubby and I have been getting So. Many. Scam. Phone calls.  Like four or five a day each.  We pretty much never answer our phones unless we know who is calling these days.
  9. I am an avid genealogist but even though DNA tests are super inexpensive these days and are being advertised relentlessly during the holidays I have still refrained from getting one.  I mean social media and credit companies can't even protect our personal information so I have very little confidence that such tests won't be hijacked somehow in the the future.  And for these reasons too.
  10. Finally, I am missing Romaine lettuce.  We usually have salad everyday and while we have been using red leaf lettuce it isn't quite the same (and I am really hungering for a nice big Caesar salad!).

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