Thursday, November 8, 2018

Can We Have a Day With All GOOD News?

Obviously that wouldn't be today.  I woke up to reports of 12 people killed in yet another mass shooting in California.  And another part of California is on fire.  Trump is, well, still Trump.  And his administration is still, well, corrupt.  All of which has inspired protests nationwide.  RBG, a bright light on the national stage, has been hospitalized.  Finally, from the "have you lost your damn mind" file, a test case for legally changing your age.

I think some days I should just avoid the news all together as most of what I see in national, local, and social media news is so sad/negative/angst inducing.

On a small happy note today, it's day two of the no=spend five weeks and we spent nothing today.


  1. I have "unfollowed" all the political candidates that I was following on FB, have unfollowed, (but not unfriended), all the very red-45-supporting friends on FB, and some of the very blue-constantly-posting-bad-news friends as well. I just need a break! Congrats on your no-spend progress so far!

  2. I have too pretty much. I also unfollowed all of the news feeds I used to have on FB because all of the news was bad news 24/7. Maybe years ago there was a lot of bad news and we just didn't hear about it which made everyone happier!