Friday, December 7, 2018

10 Things for This Weekend

It's going to be a busy weekend...

  1. I need to find Christmas gifts for my friend and her family in Japan and get them ready to be mailed on Monday.  The gifts need to be really lightweight as the postage to mail them to Japan is incredibly expensive (a big-sized padded mailing envelope costs around $30 to mail!).
  2. Also I will buy postage stamps when I go to mail the gifts because the price is supposed to go up in January.
  3. There are rodeo people and rodeo events all over town so we may catch some live rodeo action at the Southpoint this weekend.
  4. I also need to do a couple of volksmarches (10k walks) this weekend because I want to use up my free walk coupons by the end of the year!
  5. I've got work to do for my biggest client including some end of the year stuff.  On another note, now that her job is back to being secure, I told her I would definitely need a raise by the end of the year or I would have to quit.  I feel like I am doing a lot of work and am not adequately compensated--she agreed but the raise has to be approved by her Board of Directors.  So by the end of the year I will either be jobless (eeekkk) or have a nice raise and retroactive pay from last July since the original deal was for me to get a raise back in July--the beginning of the fiscal year--which kind of went off the rails during their budget kerfuffle.
  6. I need to work on developing a couple of different streams of income because I will need to prepare in case I don't have a job by next month!
  7. We may drive out to Oatman this weekend.  We went there last year and it was a fun thing to do for Christmas because people decorate the desert shrubs for miles along the highway which leads to this small town about two hours from Las Vegas.
  8. There are more Christmas movies on the agenda!  So far we have watched a Christmas movie each evening since Thanksgiving.  Most have been pretty good!
  9. We will make out Christmas cards for the kids and grandkids then send them next week.  We have been really frugal the last five weeks so we will be able to give hubby's entire Social Security check which is coming in next week to the kids for the holiday.
  10. We need to renew our state park pass which expired last month.  At $30 for a senior pass, this is a great deal since regular one-time entrance to a state park is $10.

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