Thursday, December 13, 2018

A Ranty Day

It's been a sorta crappy day...

  • If the 101 symptoms of periomenopause don't kill me I will be surprised.
  • My boss is having a break down because I told her I will quit if I don't get a raise by the end of the year.  She can't lose me but doesn't think her board will pay me more either.  Ugh.  She is wonderful and I love the work but I need to be paid what I am worth...
  • I looked at the 10 new year's resolutions I set at the end of last year and realized I only completed ONE (to blog every single day).  Why do I even do resolutions??? Another ugh.
  • I updated all of my websites to Wordpress 5.0 with no idea what that entails.  Guess I will be studying up on the new software this weekend.
  • I've been doing the WFPB vegan thing 100% for the past few days (I fall on and off the wagon regularly--mostly off, but I need to get healthier) and would kill for a coffee milkshake right now.
  • I find myself arguing with random strangers on reddit about inane things.  I really need to stop doing this (or maybe just stop social media?).
I think that's it...


  1. It's hard not to get sucked in to social media comments-mine is Twitter and arguing with who I call idiots that follow a certain person no questions barred. I win no arguments because they really are that stupid, and just get myself frustrated.

    1. LOL me too. I can feel my blood pressure rise and then I realize it's all my fault for diving into a no-win situation!