Sunday, December 30, 2018

Planning a Fun, Free, and Frugal New Year

Fun, free, and frugal...that will be the theme of 2019 for us.  I have already started planning how to put more fun, free, and frugal things into our lives and I already have several things scheduled for the first month of the new year including...

  • I signed up for a free Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training weekend.  These classes are held in many cities and teach people how to be better prepared for a disaster.  This should be both informative and fun.
  • I also got us tickets for a lecture at the Mob Museum.  Every month the local police department holds a free lecture on a safety topic (this month it is on how not to become a victim of burglary or robbery) and if you attend the lecture you get free tickets to the Mob Museum (a savings of $35 for both of us!).
  • I have several walks with my walking club planned.
  • There are several clubs in the area that I want to check out and new people are always welcome to attend the first meeting to see if they like it before deciding to join so I'm looking at a HAM radio club, the LV RWA (romance writers club), and a new genealogy club.  Again, these should be both informative and fun.
  • There are four local state parks which we can visit for free (and get our "passport" stamped; with enough stamps we will get a free parks pass for the following year).
  • Also on the schedule is a visit to the Barrick Museum at UNLV; it's free and I pass it all the time when I walk the UNLV volksmarch but I've never stopped in so that should be fun too!
Do you have a theme for 2019 or a list of new year's resolutions?

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  1. Great ideas. I like your ideas and make me think of finding stuff in my area. I am going to have to learn from you. I cannot afford my old hobbies anymore!