Sunday, December 23, 2018

What Should I Do for 2019?

I'm trying to decide what to do for next year.  Kind of along the line of resolutions, I have pretty much decided to just go with a theme instead of a bunch of hard and fast list of things to accomplish.  Our 2018 theme was no travel and we met that resolution quite easily (hubby didn't even miss not traveling and if we would have been traveling, he would have had his heart attack in some far off location in the Philippines so there's that).

I think this year I will go with minimalism or something like that.  Also maybe work in some everyday adventures to keep us busy but no major vacations or trips (hubby didn't seem very enthusiastic about traveling in the upcoming year when his cousins invited us to go with them on some of their vacations they have scheduled for next year...Eastern Europe?  Hubby said no way).

And paying off my remaining debt will be a definite "to do" on my list.  How is the bigger question though.  I am starting the year with no job (but definitely looking forward to my temporary summer job at the WSOP) and starting a business seems like too big of a project.  Maybe picking up gigs as they come available?  It's definitely something to consider...


  1. Sounds like a plan! I don't have any debt per se but I need to save for property taxes, home and car insurance plus that dreaded home maintenance. It seems every year I have to spend several thousand cutting trees down and then it's the same thing the next year ugh. I live in an area with a ton of oaks/pines. I quit all life insurance- my 3 kids are grown. I am trying to save for a car for oldest GS- I figure $5000 is a nice figure and then I'll start a car fund for his brother who is 2 years younger. My other 2 are just 4 and 4 months LOL. GS drives now but is out of the country until July (exchange student) so it would be silly to have a car just sit. My goal this year is to get everything in writing- my living will, regular will which is out of date, etc. I just need to see an attorney. Also I'm going to track my money better. I really don't care much for travel any more- do you miss it? 2 of my kids live in California so I usually make that trip yearly- DS wants me to fly out this February- we shall see. I still work for a small agency(I'm a social worker with a caseload) so no vacation. I can take a week off since I make my own schedule but I am not fond of the 5+ hours flight. Who would be? Merry Christma Eve. I'm off to sister's and then tomorrow I host. It will seem strange without GS but he's having a ball in Eurrope.

    1. Merry Christmas to you too! We actually don't miss traveling, we've been to quite a few places and the thought of flying these days is less than exciting. Giving the GS a car is an amazing gift--I'm sure they will be so happy with such a gift!! Our local senior center offers free will/living will events occasionally, maybe your area has such a service too?