Tuesday, January 29, 2019

10 Random Money Things

I've come across a bunch of things related to money so thought I would share them with you...

  1. Found money!  Having had the shock of getting a late credit card bill (along with a late payment fee) for a credit card I never use, I decided to check all of my credit cards just to make sure they were all still at 0 where they belong.  I found that one was a cash back card and it had $101 waiting in the rewards section!  Yeah extra money :)
  2. And here are some more places to look for unclaimed money.
  3. If you like to write interesting lists, you can get paid $100 for doing so.  I LOVE making lists so I will definitely give this a shot.  More info here.
  4. Unfortunately the new rule that hospitals need to post their prices online so consumers can better compare costs isn't working so well.
  5. For those of you in the midwest to the East Coast, here's hoping you weather (no pun intended) the epic deep freeze heading your way (I can't even imagine what -40 degrees feels like!).  Here are some tips to keep your home protected from the storm.
  6. Have you heard of Flix Bus?  We have used Mega Bus and Bolt Bus several times before but my cousin now swears by Flix Bus--she said it is cleaner and cheaper than the other discount buses and it goes to more places.  I was shocked to see that a ride on the bus from Las Vegas to Laughlin, a small vacation town 90 miles to the south of us, was only $4.99!
  7. For those of you who use insulin (and are held financially hostage by our God-awful healthcare system in the US) if you are having trouble paying for expensive prescription insulin like this guy, I found out that Walmart has some of the cheapest insulin around.  This may not be the best option but it better than going without such a crucial drug.
  8. I'm pretty shocked that in this day and age parents (who are most likely vaccinated) decide NOT to vaccinate their kids.  Vaccines are much cheaper and safer than getting a deadly disease and paying for healthcare or in the worst circumstances, a funeral, for your kid.
  9. I do our taxes online so I put all of our W2s into the program and we will owe a few hundred dollars since hubby won several thousand dollars playing poker this year :(  Bummer...I always like it when we get some sort of refund check.  Here's where you can file your taxes online for free.
  10. Sunday is the Super Bowl.  There will be hundreds of thousands of tourists here to bet and party this weekend so yours truly will be avoiding all of the tourists areas


  1. We hosted the SuperBowl last year and it wasn't that bad, though I don't live right in the thick of it.

    1. It's fun to host these kinds of parties but a nice quiet weekend is on the menu for us this year!

  2. In the last two years I've used both the Humalog 25/75 insulin pens and the Walmart Novalin 70/30 and the "R". For me I've found better blood sugar control using the Walmart products. Early in the benefit year Humalog is less expensive. Then I fall into the donut hole and start using the Novalin from Walmart for the rest of the year. I have the Humalog now, but think I'll go back to just the Novalin insulins year round.

    1. I'm glad there is a cheaper option for those who need it but I am REALLY looking forward to universal healthcare where everyone gets the meds they need for one low cost!