Wednesday, January 9, 2019

It Was Free...

Today I was wondering what my fun/free/frugal thing would be since we had no plans other than for hubby to go bowling with his league and as I was walking through a building to go pay my HOA payment, I noticed a guy sitting at a table with a pile of pens/lanyards/etc as well as information on the college he was promoting.  Usually I walk right by these sorts of things but I saw the lanyards and I thought "hmmm those are probably free" and since I had no other plan today I thought "hmmm this would be something to blog about" so I went up to the table and had a nice conversation with the guy and I asked for a lanyard and he said sure, take one!  Obviously this isn't life changing, but the point of this year is to be proactive to do fun things, to get free things, and to do frugal things and walking up to a stranger and striking up a conversation was both interesting (the guy was very nice and knew a lot about this school, I'd never heard of it) and it scored me a free thing.  Now I'm having visions of 'One Red Paperclip'!

On another fabulously free note, here is a list of 1150 free movies which you can get online.

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