Monday, January 7, 2019

It Will Be an Interesting Week In Vegas

It's started out as a crazy week in Vegas and probably will only get crazier...

  • The Consumer Electronics Show starts tomorrow.  That means over 200,000 people will be here for the tech show (and I think we saw a lot of them coming into town yesterday--the freeway was packed!).
  • The weather has been cool, wet, and overcast which is really unusual (example here).  This must be one of the five or six days per year when we don't get beautiful sunshine!
  • The BIL and SIL like to eat out at fancy restaurants everyday and they often take us with them.  On the one hand, the food is expensive and yummy, on the other hand this can't be healthy.  They have settled with letting me cook every other day which is a good start.
  • A correction: in a post a few days ago, I said I was worried about the tens of thousands of Americans who would not receive their food stamps if the government shutdown continues into February.  I was wrong about the number of people who rely on food stamps each month, the total number of people who receive food stamps each month in the US is 42 MILLION PEOPLE.  I can't even imagine what would happen if 42 million people go hungry for even a few days!
  • I came across this article today which is yet another good reason to pull your free credit report each year.
  • And then there was this article warning people not to eat food that had spilled onto the roadway during a car accident.  The frugalista in me would probably have a hard time refraining from this :)

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