Monday, February 4, 2019

5 Things From Today

In no particular order...

  1. It's hubby's birthday!  Today he is 70 years old (see photo above) and while it was a kind of quiet day with a nice lunch at an Indian Restaurant, we have another lunch planned for tomorrow, a party planned for Wednesday, and a dinner cruise planned for this weekend.  I really wanted to do a family reunion cruise for this major birthday but as a couple of my readers pointed out, going in to debt to pay for all of his kids and grandkids to come on the cruise is a dumb idea because debt is BAD.  And they were right of course, so as soon as I can save up to take everyone on a cruise we will go (and not a minute sooner!).
  2. Here are a whole bunch of places where you can download books and other literary works for free.
  3. Tomorrow is Chinese (Lunar) New Year.  There are lots of events happening in our city and if you have a large Chinese population where you live, there may be some Chinese New Year events happening that you can watch in your area.
  4. We are very happy that we can watch the snow happening now in our former city on TV rather have to actually be in it!
  5. And finally, in my "law of attraction" story for the day, something unusual happened yesterday.  I've been watching a lot of LOA videos recently and yesterday one of the videos pointed out that you are where you are at now due to what you have manifested in your life so far (the point being that you can manifest anything you want).  So I was thinking about what I have manifested so far and was pretty happy with my ordinary life and then we watched a talent show last night and this guy from Mongolia who speaks absolutely no English blew everyone away by singing a country song in English.  I was as shocked and amazed as the audience and hubby said "but you do the same thing why are you surprised?"  Years ago I shocked people in the same way--singing songs in Spanish, which I didn't understand, at a nightclub and singing songs in Tagalog (Filipino) that I didn't understand at nightclubs and parties, even on the radio and on stage with some famous people when we were in Manila once.  Hubby reminded me that after listening to a few people sing a popular Filipino song I said "I can do that", got up on stage, and belted out my first Tagalog song.  He said "you have always set your mind to things--no matter how unusual or impossible--and made it happen."  OK that was my cue--and a great reminder--from the universe!  On a side note, after looking more into Mongolian music which wasn't even on my radar 24 hours ago, I now have a favorite Mongolian music group, The Wasabies!  Life works in strange ways :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband. He does not look a day over 50. I am sure you will eventually take the whole family on a cruise. - Mary Ann