Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Oh The Drama

I need to get off social media.  I have cut back on Facebook quite a bit and rarely use Twitter or Instagram anymore but I check reddit several times a day and then fall down the rabbit hole and then an hour later I realize I have wasted way too much time with online drama.  On the one hand, I like to keep up with whatever is going on both in the news and in the social media sphere, on the other hand, since this stuff doesn't directly affect me, I could probably be spending my time more effectively doing other things.

Yesterday's drama was a possible murder that was being covered up.  The dead lady's friends posted about this weird case but there was absolutely no news coverage about the incident until reddit got spun up then the news stations took notice (I swear the media no longer looks for news happening but just waits until something starts to trend on reddit then picks up the story, generally using only details provided by reddit and not, you now, doing actual investigative journalism).

Today's drama was even more...dramatic...as a popular romance writer found out her work had been plagiarized, she wrote about it, then several other very well-known writers found that they were also victims of the plagiarizer.  Yikes!  Twitter was like a never-ending soap opera all day today, #CopyPasteCris was trending, and there probably isn't a hole deep enough for the plagiarizer to hide in now that she has riled up a vast segment of the population (oddly enough, the main person she stole work from is a well-known romance writer who also happens to be an attorney who also happens to teach intellectual property law...double yikes!).

tldr; social media is a huge time suck, I need to find something better to do, but first I need to check the latest Tweets on the plagiarism scandal...


  1. I tried Reddit once and could not warm up to it. I couldn't understand the format. I've been doing less Facebook as I really only want to see friends posting about themselves or artists posting their art. I'm not interested in seeing memes posted and re-posted over and over. I use Twitter mainly for politics and instagram for art and artists. They are all rabbit holes and lately I've retreated to just playing Freecell while listening to music. It helps clear my mind.

    1. Hmmm Freecell sounds like a better option than social media!