Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Saving for the Next Emergency

Now that the dental situation is taken care of, we need to replenish our savings (and I need to develop an INCOME!).  A few hours after getting back from the dentist yesterday, a niece called to let us know her mom (hubby's sister) was in the hospital.  His sister hasn't been in good health for quite a while, so as his siblings head into their 70s, I am always worried that something bad will happen to them.  This would require travel (a big expense to go to the other side of the country) and money (to help out with final expenses for some of the siblings who aren't very well off).

I guess the bottom line is that there is never a "finish line" when it comes to saving for emergencies because so many things happen suddenly (car breaks down, hot water tank quits working, someone dies) and generally the fix for such emergencies is money.  So we do our best to save up a financial cushion and don't begrudge helping those in need but the feeling that we always need more money is always there.  We are, of course, grateful that we can take care of most crisis, but it always seems like the next disaster is waiting just around the corner!

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