Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Quick Update

Hubby had cataract surgery on his second eye today and so far so good.  Surgery on the first eye went better--he could see immediately and his vision was noticeably improved right away, today he could hardly see at all after the surgery and his eye was swollen.  Fortunately he is feeling better this evening and he said his vision is getting better than it was earlier today.  Whew--we were both worried something terrible had happened but (thanks to Google) I guess both outcomes are common and it may take a day or two for everything to be totally better.

We had rain again in Las Vegas today, I think this is the rainiest year we have ever experienced here but I guess if you live in a desert you can't complain about rain!

The plan for this evening...going out to look at the "super worm moon" which is one of the major full moons of the year.

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