Saturday, April 13, 2019

Today We...

...went to the casino and watched hubby play in a poker tournament.  Unfortunately he didn't win (first place was $50,000!).
...finished and paid our taxes (in the US federal taxes are due on Monday, since we owed this year I was in no big hurry to get them done early but I certainly didn't want them to be late!).
...had a nice free lunch at a local buffet called Sweet Tomatoes (my birthday is next week so my inbox is filling up with birthday freebies).
...enjoyed some amazingly nice warm weather (sans wind, it's been so windy and dusty the past few days, today was calm and clear).
...repaired the SIL's car key fob (she was going to take it to the dealer because it stopped working; we watched a quick fix-it video on YouTube and figured out it needed a new battery, cost $3).


  1. I just replaced batteries on my scale-more about that tomorrow! I'm assuming the Poker Tournament was just entertainment. While of course fun to win, you don't strike me as a family that puts your future into gambling. Haha.

    1. You're right--the poker tournament was free to enter after playing a certain number of hours so no "investment" in such a tournament!