Thursday, May 2, 2019

Some Random Musings

I loved this bag when I saw it at REI but a month or so ago the price was $45 which, while I liked the bag, I didn't like it $45 worth.  So yesterday when I was walking around the shopping district and stepped into REI, I saw that it was on sale for $21 so I bought it.  Love the way it looks and the way it carries my stuff!

I've been wanting a new bag and when I walked around the outlet mall last weekend, I saw a Tumi bag I liked (although again, I didn't like it $300(!) worth) and when I went to look for the bag online to see if I could get it cheaper, it was nowhere to be found.  With a little Googling, I found that outlet stores, instead of selling overruns and sale items, actually create lower quality, outlet-store-only items.  That will certainly make me think twice about buying anything at an outlet.

I'm super stoked about working at the WSOP again this summer--it's a fun and really interesting experience.  Here is an article I found about how our cage operations work.

Here is a great infographic about how to earn money without a job (I really should try some of these!).

Speaking of interesting ways to earn money, I came across this website which provides a connection between content creators and people who want to buy content.

Finally, I've always thought it would be so cool to own an entire town.  Here is an article about people who have actually bought their own town.  Fascinating!


  1. I thought there was some question as to if you were going to work the WSOP again - nice to have that lined up. Your new bag is beautiful. I don't think all outlet stores do that, maybe some of them but not all. I try and not worry about the brand name, look at the item to see if it is worth it and sometimes, like your bag it passes the test

  2. I agree. eiIt depends on the outlet. I regularly get real Clark's shoes and real vera Bradley edit their outlets, for example.